Waking War


out in the prairie.

Ollarune 23, month 2 1000yk

After dealing with Professor Hugo Von Swarth , and Anton Blunt the party has found a few things.
Arric has dealt with some jerk name Chevkos out in the Talenta plains.

Chevkos has a bone knife laden with dark magic. Used to be from the talenta plains, but was recently brought back.

Chevkos has a small mine. Rumor is that it might have Khyber shards in it. Apparently no one was willing to look into it until after Arric “calmed it down”. Now there’s work being done. No one sees the workers. Chevkos is trying to get rid of all property owners near it. A lot of Valenar criminals/mercenaries work in the area.

After humiliating the mercs in the area, the party waits to ride out and meet the reinforcements.



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