Waking War


First session

20 Ollarune(month 2) 994 YK

The party met under less than normal circumstances.

All brought together to clear a tower on the edge of cyre.

Michael, Brelish Agent broke a gnome from Sarlona, out of jail.

Eukkorn Rast (Rast) and Susan Ivanova. Allied but unfamiliar broke into to get the tower down.

Two men, Bren Ir’Gadden, and Arric Blacktree were liberated. Arric was strapped to a mark of the prophecy for days.

20 Ollarune(month 2) 1000 YK

Micheal, apparently a changeling has sought out the psychic gnome. (Baalzephax ibn Sidhuatur ibn Tolperim ibn Anaekirea ibn Rir Al’houd ibn Atar)

Susan has been working for the Karnnathi authorities. She gathered Rast from a farmhouse. Apparently only remembers the last 2 months and doesn’t look any older.

Arric blacktree has gained an aberrant dragonmark. Turns out he was the one recruiting the monstrousities in the tower. There were more in the city.

After his crushing defeat in the sewers of Korth, he was dragged back to a holding cell.

Where his dragonmark crawled away into a sewer, unnoticed.



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