Waking War

To the north!

Everyone said not to go there, soo...

So. Land pirates in the silver wood are now gone, but theres more in west Aundair.

The wax forest lays left behind, Creepy.

Now recovered from a very expensive bottle from Edward’s private collection was a label on a bottle. It shouldn’t have been there.

On the back side of the label was a map to a secret prison’s graveyard.

So Mr. Garabaldi, Susan’s friend is tracking the purchaser while the party follows up on the prison.

(Von swath says the prison was a nightmare and he never had anything to do with it, okay he was there.)

After a rather benign contact with a phoenix, the party holed up to weather a storm. In an freshly emptied grave. With a possessed corpse. Of an inspired. Which was then reburied.

Blunt has said that parts of “Blot” seem to be able to communicate, at least on a very simple level. Things like location, health etc. but as for distance, he’s not sure.



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