Waking War

LAND pirates?


therendor 20th (month 3)

Relic is working with the Rast family. Tinkering.

Edward (de facto ruler of bluevine) has been out “hunting.” He didn’t take many dogs with him. But he did take a musket.

There’s one dog that seems to find “witches”

Edward’s castle has a room that destroys whats removed. it has notes on how his father was “in on it and would try to betray them all”. His defenses are for the town to secede from the country. He suspect the queen is going to kill him. His traps and safeguards in his castle are nothing if not paranoid.

Jarem. (the born marine) was out guarding a caravan. It was attacked by Land Pirates (you read it) in the Silver wood. apparently. a few goblins have drank a little but most of it is okay. (whether it’s insured is unknown)

According to the fey nearby some of the humanesqe creatures took off into the forest. The pale forest. Biggers (i.e. human) attract predators.



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