Waking War


Memories and M.I.A's

Eyre 9th, (month 4)

The Prison had a few demons and a 1/2 formed undead in it.

So, a Tiefling (Cholatis) Albino, had purchased the Wine bottle (i.e. the one that was to have the grave map on it.) Out in valenar. Not a nice fellow. Spoke to Rast about tactics, and much about his home town.

There’s definitely some connection from The ones behind the purchase to the Tyrants .

Edward Von Teeg is still a prick but now the mercs have started to filter into town.
Ulok has been middleman-ing some mercs from Droam out to Bluevine. Baalzephax believes that Ulok is hunting something that you are just at the fringes of discovering.

and the Rasts have left town. Rushing in against Edward would be ill advised.



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