Waking War

So much blood

17th therendor (month 3)

Warforged being fixed and remade by Relic. A warforged artificer. Continually allowing the wraiths nearby to possess the bodies.

You got him out of there. he was working on some sort of liquid delivery system. Delivers fluids or flexible materials.

The Arispex, or Blot. isn’t so sure what it is. as said mid session, “It’s a baby!” But that doesn’t seem to gel with the idea that Arric has been walking around possessed for 6 years. the truth likely is somewhere in the middle.

Micheal, well, Jayne. was someone who knew him. A ex lover he spied upon. A Valenar warrior. She was left a note. He was ther to ensure they’re would be no peace amongst tribes.

Garibaldi has come through. A Mr. Wulfnard. (orc warlock) marshall is known to be on Lantana’s case. He’s currently stationed in Passage. the party on way to Passage has stopped off in Bluevine to give… uh.. leave Relic in keeping with Rast’s folks.



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