Waking War

The hot marsh

Searching for cults

Therendor 12 (month 3)

A friend of Susan’s a Mr. Garibaldi currently is helping the Marshals, and by extention, Lantana . He’s going to look into some toes she’s stepped on for you.

More on rast .
He abandoned his post. The baron of the town seems to hate him and there’s trouble with a girl. There always is..

A T.A. in sharn is apparently trying to help you, sent someone to aid with information. More metal plates. Talking about new words in Daelkyr.
Xenostelid – Siege beast
Croach – Orc for “foreign land”
Arispex – Life seed, or Larvae, (these are hard to make)

Now looking for the Cannith Enclave. Arric’s looking for some work he commisioned before it got shut down. and now, (fortunately) it’s haunted.



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