Eukkorron Rast

A young soldier who missed the last few years.


Human Hybrid Fighter/Cleric


Eukkoron Rast

Early Life:
Grew up in Bluevine, small Aundarian winery villiage. Mom’s an assistant at church, Dad’s a drunken artificer, Sis is a typical teenager.
Jarem “Jarhead” – Childhood friend. Fellow soldier, followed Rast to war when he left Bluevine. Currently the standing Lieutenant of the Bluevine “Homeland Security”
Edward – Current Baron of Bluevine. Rast’s childhood rival
Illona – Rast’s childhood sweetheart. She chose the family business over Rast and broke his heart. (Revealed Jan 9/11 Rast went off to war because of her.)

The War:
Rast abandoned his post in Bluevine, stole city property and left to join The War.
Achieved rank of Corporal in Aundarian 101st Infantry. Served with distinction until the Day of Mourning when he went missing.
(Revealed Jan 16/11 in a memory re-called by Baalzaphax that he was mortally wounded on the Day of Mourning, but somehow survived. He has also been called a Warlock and generally gets a negative response from creatures with Scent abilities.[?])

6 Years Later:
Since awakening in the Mournland and returning to civilization, Rast has been trying to cope with missing the last 6 years. He is slow to return to the life he once had, believing that everyone has moved on since his apparent death. Rast has begun confronting his “personal demons” and has since re-untied with his family.

Eukkorron Rast

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