Waking War

First session

20 Ollarune(month 2) 994 YK

The party met under less than normal circumstances.

All brought together to clear a tower on the edge of cyre.

Michael, Brelish Agent broke a gnome from Sarlona, out of jail.

Eukkorn Rast (Rast) and Susan Ivanova. Allied but unfamiliar broke into to get the tower down.

Two men, Bren Ir’Gadden, and Arric Blacktree were liberated. Arric was strapped to a mark of the prophecy for days.

20 Ollarune(month 2) 1000 YK

Micheal, apparently a changeling has sought out the psychic gnome. (Baalzephax ibn Sidhuatur ibn Tolperim ibn Anaekirea ibn Rir Al’houd ibn Atar)

Susan has been working for the Karnnathi authorities. She gathered Rast from a farmhouse. Apparently only remembers the last 2 months and doesn’t look any older.

Arric blacktree has gained an aberrant dragonmark. Turns out he was the one recruiting the monstrousities in the tower. There were more in the city.

After his crushing defeat in the sewers of Korth, he was dragged back to a holding cell.

Where his dragonmark crawled away into a sewer, unnoticed.

out in the prairie.

Ollarune 23, month 2 1000yk

After dealing with Professor Hugo Von Swarth , and Anton Blunt the party has found a few things.
Arric has dealt with some jerk name Chevkos out in the Talenta plains.

Chevkos has a bone knife laden with dark magic. Used to be from the talenta plains, but was recently brought back.

Chevkos has a small mine. Rumor is that it might have Khyber shards in it. Apparently no one was willing to look into it until after Arric “calmed it down”. Now there’s work being done. No one sees the workers. Chevkos is trying to get rid of all property owners near it. A lot of Valenar criminals/mercenaries work in the area.

After humiliating the mercs in the area, the party waits to ride out and meet the reinforcements.

Even more mysteries... great..

Therendor 2nd (month 3), 1000yk

So the mine cleared, and Chevkos dead.
Some old war records on metal plates have been recovered. From the war of madness, more disconcertingly from the Daelkyr end.

the “bad guys” have been searching for “words”..

The Twelve had been following up in the same footsteps as the party. Chasing Arric’s ghost. Lantana may have been leading them. She’s a hell of a tracker after all.

More blood. In chevkos, and in the knife. It’s alive, possibly sentient.

Blunt has a some of the blood in a containment jar. It’s still alive.

The hot marsh
Searching for cults

Therendor 12 (month 3)

A friend of Susan’s a Mr. Garibaldi currently is helping the Marshals, and by extention, Lantana . He’s going to look into some toes she’s stepped on for you.

More on rast .
He abandoned his post. The baron of the town seems to hate him and there’s trouble with a girl. There always is..

A T.A. in sharn is apparently trying to help you, sent someone to aid with information. More metal plates. Talking about new words in Daelkyr.
Xenostelid – Siege beast
Croach – Orc for “foreign land”
Arispex – Life seed, or Larvae, (these are hard to make)

Now looking for the Cannith Enclave. Arric’s looking for some work he commisioned before it got shut down. and now, (fortunately) it’s haunted.

So much blood

17th therendor (month 3)

Warforged being fixed and remade by Relic. A warforged artificer. Continually allowing the wraiths nearby to possess the bodies.

You got him out of there. he was working on some sort of liquid delivery system. Delivers fluids or flexible materials.

The Arispex, or Blot. isn’t so sure what it is. as said mid session, “It’s a baby!” But that doesn’t seem to gel with the idea that Arric has been walking around possessed for 6 years. the truth likely is somewhere in the middle.

Micheal, well, Jayne. was someone who knew him. A ex lover he spied upon. A Valenar warrior. She was left a note. He was ther to ensure they’re would be no peace amongst tribes.

Garibaldi has come through. A Mr. Wulfnard. (orc warlock) marshall is known to be on Lantana’s case. He’s currently stationed in Passage. the party on way to Passage has stopped off in Bluevine to give… uh.. leave Relic in keeping with Rast’s folks.

LAND pirates?

therendor 20th (month 3)

Relic is working with the Rast family. Tinkering.

Edward (de facto ruler of bluevine) has been out “hunting.” He didn’t take many dogs with him. But he did take a musket.

There’s one dog that seems to find “witches”

Edward’s castle has a room that destroys whats removed. it has notes on how his father was “in on it and would try to betray them all”. His defenses are for the town to secede from the country. He suspect the queen is going to kill him. His traps and safeguards in his castle are nothing if not paranoid.

Jarem. (the born marine) was out guarding a caravan. It was attacked by Land Pirates (you read it) in the Silver wood. apparently. a few goblins have drank a little but most of it is okay. (whether it’s insured is unknown)

According to the fey nearby some of the humanesqe creatures took off into the forest. The pale forest. Biggers (i.e. human) attract predators.

To the north!
Everyone said not to go there, soo...

So. Land pirates in the silver wood are now gone, but theres more in west Aundair.

The wax forest lays left behind, Creepy.

Now recovered from a very expensive bottle from Edward’s private collection was a label on a bottle. It shouldn’t have been there.

On the back side of the label was a map to a secret prison’s graveyard.

So Mr. Garabaldi, Susan’s friend is tracking the purchaser while the party follows up on the prison.

(Von swath says the prison was a nightmare and he never had anything to do with it, okay he was there.)

After a rather benign contact with a phoenix, the party holed up to weather a storm. In an freshly emptied grave. With a possessed corpse. Of an inspired. Which was then reburied.

Blunt has said that parts of “Blot” seem to be able to communicate, at least on a very simple level. Things like location, health etc. but as for distance, he’s not sure.

Memories and M.I.A's

Eyre 9th, (month 4)

The Prison had a few demons and a 1/2 formed undead in it.

So, a Tiefling (Cholatis) Albino, had purchased the Wine bottle (i.e. the one that was to have the grave map on it.) Out in valenar. Not a nice fellow. Spoke to Rast about tactics, and much about his home town.

There’s definitely some connection from The ones behind the purchase to the Tyrants .

Edward Von Teeg is still a prick but now the mercs have started to filter into town.
Ulok has been middleman-ing some mercs from Droam out to Bluevine. Baalzephax believes that Ulok is hunting something that you are just at the fringes of discovering.

and the Rasts have left town. Rushing in against Edward would be ill advised.


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