The twelve

The Twelve is an alliance of wizards sponsored by the Dragonmarked Houses.

Separate from the dragonmarked houses, the Twelve is also concerned with profit, but behind the idea of magical and technological research. If two dragonmarked houses need to work together, the Twelve are the liason.

Although the consortium would be overshadowed by most of the dragomarked houses indivdually.

The Tower of the Twelve, located floating above the center of the Wollvern Park in Korth, is the magician’s college for the dragonmarked houses and is the primary rivel of The Arcane Congress.

Serving exclusively to the dragonmarked houses and operated by The Twelve. The tower has 13 floors full of classrooms, libraries, and laboratories with exception to one floor, which remains empty to memorialize the lost 13th dragonmark.

The twelve

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